Arbury Used Car Service Offer

• 2 services, 1 per year
• Manufacturer-trained technicians
• Full vehicle inspection

From £10.37 per month

At Arbury we offer greater care and better value. We’re passionate about offering you the best possible service for your vehicle. It will be maintained and serviced by professional, manufacturer-trained technicians where we will carry out the following individual checks.

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• 2 Years Servicing on any used vehicle for only £249
• Includes 1 service each year
• Vehicle must be over 2 years old
• Pay monthly from only £10.37 per month

Battery check and test
Check function of all dashboard warning lamps
Check function of all exterior and interior lights (incl. glovebox and boot)
Check function of horn
Check for outstanding recalls/campaigns

Check condition of all seatbelts
Check condition and operation of all pedals (incl. rubbers)
Visual check of front airbags

Grease all door, bonnet and boot hinges, catches and latches
Check function of windscreen wash/wipe system and spray settings (adjust if reqd.)
Check condition and park position of wiper blades (adjust if reqd.)
Visual check of bodywork (record below)
Visual check of all glass windows and mirrors for chips/cracks (record below)
Visual check of all light lenses

Check handbrake linkages (if applicable)
Visual check of underbody panels and sealant
Visual check of all fuel lines
Visual check of engine exhaust system (leaks and corrosion)

Engine and top-ups

Drain engine oil, replace oil filter and replace drain plug
Replenish engine oil
Check level of wash/wipe system and top up (if required)
Check cooling system condition
Check and record antifreeze strength
Visual check of engine/components in engine bay (check for excessive noise/smoke)
Check condition/tension of all aux, engine drive belts and pulleys


Visual check of driveshaft joints and gaiters
Visual check of all swivel joints
Check steering system operation and gaiters for wear/damage
Check wheel bearing operation for excessive play
Check oil level of power steering system (if applicable)

Check thickness/condition of front and rear pads/discs
Visual check of all brake hoses/pipes/cables
Check master cylinder/servo for leaks and operation
Check brake fluid level

Check all tyres including spare (condition, suitability, wear, tread depth, inflation, expiry date of tyre sealant or space tyre) record below

Final checks
Perform road test
Check condition of car accessories (e.g. carpet mats)
Reset service interval display and stamp in customer service book
Carry out video check

Terms & Conditions

Excludes performance models. Legal limit tread depth is 1.6mm. Arbury recommendation for standard tyres is 3-8mm, winter tyres 3-13mm. (Fit winter tyres October to March.) Please note: This report and any repair costs shown are the results of a visual inspection only. Further checks may be necessary to determine the full extent of any requirements. Parts subject to wear are considered defective when the maximum amount of wear permissible is reached. Road test includes operation of steering, wheel alignment and balance, steering function, brake judder, braking efficiency, clutch operation, gear selection, rattles and noises and engine performance. Available on vehicles over 2 years old.